In 2014 Denton County ARES requested that all volunteers complete ICS-100, ICS-700 and Skywarn Basic Training Class. We have provided 3 years for existing members to complete this training. If you have not completed this training and have a blue badge, please return the badge to the address on the back of the badge or drop it off at the EOC. The badges are property of Denton County.

Please check to verify your current status. If the site is not current please reach out to Gerald at

When or if you complete the required training your badge will be re-issued.



If you are a member of DCARES, check the membership roster on the ARES web site.

It shows the training status that we have on record. If your IS-100 and/or IS-700 status is “NO”, please make an effort to take these on line courses. If you have completed this training, please advise us so the records can be updated.

If you are a new or relatively new member, you have a year to complete this requirement. Older members that do not complete this training soon, will be dropped from current membership.

NWS Skywarn training is also required and must be updated every two years. If your date status is orange, you are due for a refresher. This training opportunity will be available from the NWS after the start of 2016. The training can be taken at any location. The Denton county training will most likely be in February again in 2016. Also, if your Skywarn status is “PENDING”, you will have this next training session to get this training completed or you will be dropped from ARES membership.

Remember, if you plan to participate in Skywarn storm spotting as a mobile, we really need you to have APRS capability. If you do not have RF capability, there are several APRS apps for your smart phones that will work well as long as internet is available.

Guy Story, KC5GOI, Denton County Emergency Coordinator
Gerald Marchant, WB5NZV, Assistant Emergency Coordinator.

GRLevel3 plug-in for APRS is available here.

Current Denton ARES Membership information has been posted to this site.

Link to local map files for GRLevel3 is on the SKYWARN Info page.

A handy reference for establishing the size of hail for reporting is available on the Skywarn Info page.