Denton County ARES Emergency Operations Plan 4.0 updated April 2010
This plan is to provide Denton ARES served clients a description of our capabilities and our level of responsibility. A more in-depth guide will be provided to Denton ARES Members via this website when the ‘Denton County ARES F.O.G.’ is finalized.

Denton County ARES ICS Form 217A Rev 2.1 updated 15 Aug 2013

Denton County SKYWARN Guidelines

Primary emergency/SKYWARN frequency is 146.920. For a complete list, see the DCARA site.

The output of the 146.92 repeater is available on the Internet at RadioReference.com.

Denton County is in District 3 of the North Texas Section.

North Texas ARES Emergency Management Plan April 2007


ARRL - American Red Cross Memorandum of Understanding

ARRL - National Weather Service Memorandum of Understanding

Current Denton ARES Membership information

To become an ARES member, fill out the ARES Registration Application and submit it at the monthly DCARA meeting. The Criminal History Authorization for Volunteers section of the form is optional, but makes volunteers available to work at Red Cross Shelters and with CERT teams.