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... to provide radio communications for disaster relief efforts or when requested by local authorities.

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Your current ARES leadership

EC Guy Story(KC5GOI)

Assistant EC 
Mike Nelson(K5YX)

Denton Co EM Office Liaison
Jerry Garrett(K5JLG)
EOC Liaison
Gerald Marchant(WB5NZV)
photo of K5YX

City of Justin Liaison
Henry Tucker(KD5JOY)

City of Lewisville Liaison
Len Shipp

Liaison for The Colony
Michael Porter(KF5LDJ)

EC Guy Story

EC Guy Story

AEC Bill Cunningham

AEC Bill Cunningham

AEC Jerry Garrett(K5JLG)

AEC Jerry Garrett

AEC Gerald Marchant(WB5NZV)

AEC Gerald Marchant

AEC Don Roberson(KG6LE)

photo of KG6LE


AEC Henry Tucker(KD5JOY)

AEC Henry Tucker